East Texas Psychic Fair

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East Texas Psychic Fair

What's it all about?

The East Texas Psychic Fair is way more than a group of psychics.  It’s a COMMUNITY EVENT! The second Saturday of every month an eclectic group of psychics, healers and vendors all come together at The Courtyard by Mariott, in Tyler, TX (even months) and the Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, TX (odd months).  Many of these participants come every month, allowing them to build repeat relationships with clients and each other!
The Fair normally has 6 to 9 readers of varying types that you can sit down for a semi private 20-30 minute reading with our psychics for only $35.  Many of the psychics’ charge much more in their individual businesses so this is an amazing deal! You also are in a room full of psychics and readers only. Thats right, you’re not struggling to hear while people are talking to vendors, asking questions etc.
Our healing room has a variety of healers doing different types of healing modalities. Once again this is a semi private experience as nothing else is going on in this room but healings. You can actually relax in a low light calm environment and enjoy the experience! Our healers only charge $25. per session, which allows you to budget your money and time and to try some types of healing you have never before been exposed to.
Our vendors are incredible! Most of them are local and have items they have created themselves! Many of them come every month and it may well be the only place you can find them other than on line, and sometimes you want to see, feel, touch and smell, a handmade bar of soap, a crystal, a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and the vast majority of the time you are buying it directly from the person who created it! Don’t we all crave that experience?

Admission is now FREE


Our Fairs are always located indoors for climate control.  So, you’re not too hot or cold, and you never have to worry about rain. You have access to bathrooms and quite often we have a food vendor as well.  Fairs run from 11am-5pm with lots of likeminded people!  

Most of the time we have an after-hours gallery reading at which a medium helps you connect to those on the other side. Limited seating is available, so that all participants go home with a reading!  So many incredible experiences come out of our gallery readings!   
Please look through our website to see all of our special promotions and events and to learn more about the wonderful people who come together to create the community of The East Texas Psychic Fair!
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      Gayle TraceyMull
      Owner East Texas Psychic Fair
Gayle TraceyMull, Owner & Founder of the East Texas Psychic Fair
It's a little different every month...

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